Yuanheng Holdings Ltd. was established in 2004 and has since been maintaining a reputation as one of British Columbia’s top, most trusted, real estate developers. With a decade of experience comes the ability to present an astounding portfolio of project developments. Yuanheng possesses expertise in all sectors of real estate development. Its portfolio comprises of mixed-use commercial and residential high rises, townhomes, and single family residences.


W. T. Leung Architects Inc. is a full-service architectural design firm which has been designing mixed-use residential developments for over 30 years. Renowned for expressing urban Richmond living at its best, WTLA is among the pre-eminent design firms in the community. Their refined level of design and highest professional standards have resulted in continued recognition with some of the most successful properties in Richmond.


Bob's Your Uncle Design Ltd. has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted, accomplished, and inspired design firms in the city. We strive for the absolute highest standards in everything we do. We're also trained to the highest qualification in our field. When it comes to style, we certainly do have our own vision, but we also work within a wide range. BYU Design adapts our work to the unique needs of every client, and translates the initial vision into an optimal end-user experience. All in the name of incredibly tasteful, smart spaces that make life better.